Hydraulic Box Girder-Beijing-Shenzhen Passenger Special Project

    Construction of Station Front Works of Liaoning Section of New Beijing-Shenyang Railway Passenger Dedicated LineProject Profile:Location of construction: LiaoningInvestment amount: 124.5 billion yuanP

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    1. Detailed information


    Construction of Station Front Works of Liaoning Section of New Beijing-Shenyang Railway Passenger Dedicated Line

    Project Profile:

    Location of construction: Liaoning

    Investment amount: 124.5 billion yuan

    Planned completion date: July 2014 - 2019

    The newly built Beijing-Shenyang Railway Passenger Dedicated Line (hereinafter referred to as Beijing-Shenyang Passenger Dedicated Line) is located in the north of North China and the west of Northeast China. The line is drawn from Xinghuo Station of Beijing Railway Hub. It is introduced to Shenyang Hub along the existing Shenshan Railway through Shunyi District, Huairou District, Miyun County, Chengde City of Hebei Province, Chaoyang City of Liaoning Province and Fuxin City, with a total length of 698 kilometers. Liaoning section 406.7 km.

    Construction Scale: Liaoning section of Beijing-Shenzhen Railway Passenger Dedicated Line is 406.7 km in length, including 113.4 km in subgrade length, 3469*104 m3 in subgrade earthwork, 212.7 km in bridge 131, 75.4 km in tunnel, 767.578 km in main line type III slab ballastless track, 789 km in main line, 39.022 km in station line, 160 groups of turnouts, 11 box girder yards and 4 slab yards. Two track laying bases.

    Main technical standards:

    Railway Grade: Passenger Dedicated Line

    Number of Positive Lines: Double Lines

    Velocity target value: 350 km/h.

    Line spacing: 5.0m

    Minimum Curve Radius: 7000m

    Maximum slope: 20, difficult area is not more than 30.

    Traction Type: Electricity

    Locomotive type: EMU

    Effective length of arrival and departure line: 650m

    Traffic Command Mode: Integrated Dispatch Centralization

    Train operation control mode: automatic control

    Traction power supply mode: AT power supply

    Construction Limits: Implemented in accordance with the Interim Provisions for the Design of New Passenger Dedicated Railway Lines with Speed of 300-350 km per hour

    Planned duration: 56 months (including 60 months in advance).