Hydraulic Box Girder-Jiqing High Speed Railway Project

    Project Profile:Location of construction: Shandong ProvinceInvestment amount: 60 billion yuanPlanned completion date: 2016-2020The newly-built Jinan-Qingdao high-speed railway is located in Shandong P

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    1. Detailed information


    Project Profile:

    Location of construction: Shandong Province

    Investment amount: 60 billion yuan

    Planned completion date: 2016-2020

    The newly-built Jinan-Qingdao high-speed railway is located in Shandong Peninsula. The west end of the line starts from Jinan City, Shandong Province. It starts from Jinan East Station of Shiji Passenger Dedicated Railway. Along the north side of the existing Jiaoji Railway, it flows eastward through Zouping, Zibo and Qingzhou. After passing Weifang, it turns southeast. After Gaomi and Jiaozhou to Qingdao, the line is introduced into Hongdao Station, Qingdao Hub. The total length of the line is about 30. It is 783 kilometers, with an investment of about 60 billion yuan and a total construction period of 48 months.

    The new Jinan-Qingdao high-speed railway is 307.9 km in length. It has 10 stations, including Jinan East Passenger Station, Zhangqiu North, Zouping, Zibo North, Linzi North, Qingzhou North, Weifang North, Gaomi North, Qingdao Airport and Hongdao, and has transformed Jiaozhou North Station.

    The total length of 22 main line bridges is 253.792 km, accounting for 82.43%; 2 tunnels, 17.35 km, accounting for 5.63%; and the total length of subgrade is 36.758 km (including 13.778 km in the section, 22.98 km in the station and yard), accounting for 11.94%.

    Main Technical Standards

    Railway Grade: High Speed Railway.

    Design speed: 350 km/h. The introduction of hub areas can be reduced appropriately.

    Number of positive lines: double lines.

    Line spacing: 5.0 meters.

    Minimum radius of plane curve: 7000 meters.

    Maximum slope: 20 in general, 30 in difficult areas.

    The effective length of the arrival and departure line is 650 meters.

    Train operation control mode: automatic control.

    Dispatch and command mode: centralized dispatch.

    Minimum workshop interval: 3 minutes.

    Planned duration: 48 months.