Hydraulic Box Girder-Dazhang Railway Project

    Construction of Station Front Works of Hebei Section of New Datong-Zhangjiakou High Speed RailwayProject Overview:Location of construction: Hebei ProvinceInvestment amount: 19.6 billion yuanPlanned co

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    1. Detailed information


    Construction of Station Front Works of Hebei Section of New Datong-Zhangjiakou High Speed Railway

    Project Overview:

    Location of construction: Hebei Province

    Investment amount: 19.6 billion yuan

    Planned completion time: 2016-2019

    The newly built Datong-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway is located in the northwest of Hebei Province and the north of Shanxi Province. After being drawn from the Huai'an Station of Huzhang Railway under construction in Huai'an County of Zhangjiakou City, it breaks south through the remaining vein of Yinshan Mountain, Daliangshan, and enters Shanxi Province. It enters the urban area of Datong City through Tianzhen and Yanggao County affiliated to Datong City, and the existing fourth line of North Tongpu City. Connecting with the railway, there are four stations in Datongnan, Yanggaonan, Tianzhen and Huaian (excluding). The total length of the line is 140.079 km (15.799 km in Hebei Province and 124.280 km in Shanxi Province).

    Jingzhang Company is responsible for the section between Huai'an Station (excluding) and Shanxi-Hebei Province. The main line mileage is DK44+903.05-DK61+450 (in terms of the left line), and the line length is 15.093 km. Including the right winding section of Huaian Station, the starting and ending mileage is changed to right DK44+898.71~right DK46+800, and the line length is 1.918 Km.

    Main technical standards:

    Railway Grade: High Speed Railway.

    Number of positive lines: double lines.

    Target speed of passenger train: 250 km/h

    Minimum Curve Radius: General 4000m, Difficulty 3500m

    Maximum slope: 20, local 25.

    The effective length of arrival and departure line is 650 meters.

    Traction type: Electricity.

    Locomotive type: EMU

    Traffic Command System: Integrated Dispatch Centralization.

    Train operation control mode: automatic control.

    Planned duration: 48 months for this tender section. The planned start date is January 2016 and the planned completion date is December 2019. Project duration: 48 months.