U-shaped beam has beautiful shape and light weight. Metro carriages can be semi-enclosed to allow the train to run in the air's "slot". The side walls of the beam body are equipped with

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    1. Detailed information

    U-shaped beam has beautiful shape and light weight. Metro carriages can be semi-enclosed to allow the train to run in the air's "slot". The side walls of the beam body are equipped with sound absorbers, which can effectively absorb the noise generated by the train and reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding environment.

    The overall design is balanced in force, hydraulic closure of the internal die, easy to use, reasonable design of the internal die lifting system, reliable overall lifting balance, convenient and fast demoulding of the side die, single demoulding block is set at the end section of the side die, and the bottom die variable diameter section is rotated and dropped before stretching, so the end die design is convenient for demoulding.

    The U-beam structure itself has the function of preventing vehicle wheel-rail noise, which greatly reduces the amount of noise barrier of viaduct (noise barrier with a service life of about 15 years, which needs to be replaced many times within 100 years). In addition, the concrete section of the bottom slab of the U-beam structure is much smaller than that of the traditional box girder. Therefore, the U-beam is adopted. The system will effectively reduce the cost of construction and operation.

    The top flange of U-shaped beam is at the same height as the bottom plate of Metro vehicle, so it can be used as an emergency evacuation passage to provide convenience for passengers in case of emergency. At the same time, because the vehicle is protected by the webs on both sides of the integral structure of U-shaped beam, there is no need to consider the anti-collision function like the traditional elevated structure, which is safer than other elevated structures. The structure has been further improved.

    Domestic U-beam projects: Nanjing Metro Line 2 East Elevated Line, Shanghai Metro Line 11, Chongqing Metro Line 1, Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley Intercity Light Rail, Zhengzhou Suburban Railway, Qingdao Metro R3 Line.

    Design Characteristics of Rotary U-beam Formwork with Side Formwork

    The application fields of side-mode rotary U-beam formwork are: Zhengzhou U-beam field of the 7th China Railway Bureau, Blue Silicon Valley U-beam field of the 23rd China Railway Bureau and Qingdao R3 U-beam field of the 3rd China Jiaotong Airport Bureau.

    1. Force Balance in Integral Design

    The stable mechanical balance system is composed of external diagonal brace, external bottom brace, internal horizontal brace, internal diagonal brace and internal formwork cross beam (which acts on pulling side die and preventing internal formwork from floating), and the floating of internal formwork is controlled within 5 mm during pouring.

    2. Convenient closure of internal die

    Start the pumping station, and complete the closure of the internal models on both sides within 20 minutes to reach the hoisting state. Through the reasonable setting of the turning point of the internal die, the whole path of the internal die rotation is involute, which is easy to demould.

    3. The design of internal hoisting system is reasonable, and the whole hoisting system is stable and reliable.

    4. The side die demoulding is convenient and fast.

    5. Considering the release tension of the end section of the side die, it is easy to set up the single dismantling.

    6. Bottom die diameter-changing joint, considering the release tension, rotate and fall before release.

    7. Easy demolition for end die design

    (1) Pretensioned U-beam end die: The middle section of the bottom plate of the end die is provided with a eight-character mouth, which is convenient for demolition.

    (2) End die of post-tensioned U-beam: web anchor box can rotate to cope with the angle change of different beam-shaped steel bundles.