Tortured over the pursuit of excellence hold world unity

Looking up to the sunshine and the moon and looking down at the ancient rivers and streams.
In this great era of building the Chinese Dream together, a vast and unprecedented construction roll is unfolding throughout the country.
All along, Huanyu has always adhered to the spirit of craftsmen in big countries, adhered to the development concept of sincerity, faith and dedication, cherished the enterprise mission of "building the leading brand of Chinese bridge formwork manufacturing industry", and advocated the lean management concept of "focusing on practice, results and process", devoted to creating greater value for customers. To establish evergreen industry for enterprises and make outstanding contributions to society. In the process of continuous development of enterprises, we adhere to the rules and regulations, keep promises and innovate bravely, seek to establish a good relationship of mutual assistance, mutual benefit and win-win development with business stakeholders, and lay the foundation for creating a good enterprise development pattern of Qilu, Jinhua and Lianyuan.
Inheritance is the spirit of the enterprise, innovation is the life of the enterprise. Huanyu grabs market opportunities and grows constantly in innovation, based on industry leaders. The five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing are our action plans. Industry 4.0, intellectualization, science and technology, modernization is our goal. We should accurately dock with the national strategy, comprehensively accelerate the reform, gain the first chance by adjusting the enterprise layout and optimizing the allocation of resources through industrial upgrading and transformation, actively act as the executor, practitioner and promoter of the national strategy, and break through the thorns and open up the road in the tide of market economy.
Everything in the past is a preface. The difficulties of development lie in inertial thinking, path dependence and cultural precipitation. With the style of leading enterprises, Huanyu Template will strengthen its core competitiveness by improving the informationization of management design, automation of production and manufacturing, and industrialization of business transformation. We will continue to increase investment in science and technology, introduce high-end talents such as experts and academicians with professional colleges and associations, establish scientific research and experimental bases and technical research centers, further enhance the overall level of research and development teams, and continuously improve the design quality and service quality. On the basis of continuous refinement of bridge and tunnel formwork, selective extension is gradually carried out up and down stream. Professional and dedicated bridge builders are gathered to provide high-quality one-stop service for bridge construction at home and abroad. Together with friends from all walks of life, we are working towards the strategy of building a leading professional bridge formwork integrated contractor in China. Keep your head high!

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