• Culture


    To believe

    Fine industrye

    Be dedicated

  • Core idea

    Our mission - to provide professional solutions and services, improve product value-added, win-win, create value and return to society.

    Our vision - to be local and international

    Our spirit - to strive for excellence.

    Our core value - the unity of knowledge and action.

  • Basic idea

    Our business philosophy is market-oriented, customer-centered, integrity-based, quality-guaranteed, competition-driven, innovation-oriented, talent-based and cooperation-oriented.

    Our service concept - safety, high quality, pragmatic and efficient.

    Our management concepts are business specialization, system perfection, scientific decision-making, business process, modern management and efficient implementation.

  • Behavior culture

    Employee's Code of Conduct: Safety is more important than Mount Tai, responsibility is more important than ability, cooperation improves efficiency, and honesty wins respect.

    Staff work style - diligent, steady, serious and meticulous.

    Employee slogan - Universal template, Yuhuan steel structure, build the future together!

  • Propaganda slogan

    Creative dream building, service from the heart, the way to achieve craftsmen.